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Import a VRML2 file using wrl2ma

The wrl2ma stand-alone program lets you convert VRML2 files to Maya ASCII.

The vrml2 importers include:

(IRIX and Linux and Mac OS X) wrl2ma

(Windows) wrl2ma.exe

The conversion includes:


Animation is not supported with this version.

To use wrl2ma

Specify the input .wrl file and the output .ma file, and also specify the extensions you want.

For example, type something similar to the following in a system shell or terminal:

wrl2ma -i Porsc911.wrl -o

This example converts the VRML file Porsc911.wrl to a Maya 6.5 ASCII file named The command provides the following options:


What it does


Prints the help file

-i <inputFile>

Specifies the input file to convert

-o <outputFile>

Specifies the output file to save to


Assume input file was output by Maya


Prints verbose messages


Uses a debugging aid to see how the libvrml97 scene parser parses the original VRML file.